Easter Goodies 2016!

Want a little piece of Cow and Cake this Easter?

Order some Easter Cow and Cake goodies with us!

(***please note we will also be selling all these lovely goodies and more at the Family Fun Day in Mirfield on Easter Sunday!***)

Prices also in pics…

£2.50 small slab solid choc Easter egg
£5.00 large slab solid choc Easter egg
**choose white, dark, pink choc, and girl boy or neutral theme**
Personalise for £1

£1 Solid choc lollipops

£3.95 Rocky Road bags
*choose white or dark choc, and choose boy, girl or neutral theme*

£3.95 ‘adult’ Easter brownies/blondies pack
*choose plain brownies, blondies, or creme egg brownies, caramel egg blondies*

Please message us for all orders and further information!
Orders need to be placed by Monday next week (14/03).

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